It's Only A Rock And Roll Show

by Michael Finnigan and Jerry Wood

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Bruce Thompson
Bruce Thompson thumbnail
Bruce Thompson Ray Charles would be so proud of this rendition.
Lucky enough to see Michael Finnigan perform with Stephen Stills in Chico, CA
I'm sure Bonnie Raitt appreciates your gifts, right Michael ?
Wishing you a healthy future.
Love your playing style. Favorite track: Hard Times.
Walter Revell
Walter Revell thumbnail
Walter Revell What a fun album to listen to going down memory lane with some rock and roll and Blues thank you Mike Favorite track: Tend To Your Business.
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Annotations by Michael Finnigan, 2011

Finnigan & Wood was a really terrific band with great vocals, great players, a lot of versatility, and tremendous energy. We were a very powerful live band, one of the best anywhere during our short time together. These recordings represent where we were relatively early in that period. A few of these tunes later appeared on our Blue Thumb album, "Crazed Hipsters," but these renditions represent earlier performances, at a different time (usually in the early morning hours), in a different place, when it was just the band in the studio and Steve Barncard in the booth.


released October 7, 2011

A JazzCubed release
Produced by Stephen Barncard
16 Tracks recorded in 1970-1971. Assistant: Ellen Burke
remixed and mastered to digital 2011

Michael Finnigan, piano, fender rhodes piano,hammond B3 organ, harmonica, vocals
Jerry Wood, guitar and vocal
David Gates, bass guitar
Ray Loeckle, reeds
Ray "Bags" Bagby, percussion
Don "Squeek" Cleary, drum kit
Lane Tietgen, songwriter

recorded at night in 1970 on a 16 track 3M multi-track audio recorder at Wally Heider Studios, 245 Hyde Street, San Francisco, by a young and inexperienced Stephen Barncard.

Recently mixed from a 24/96 digital transfer from that same multi-track recording at the House of Cubes, San Francisco, CA. by the same S. Barncard.

Thanks to Michael Newman of Topeka, KS for the inspiration to create and release this record.

Group photo by Russ Booth, courtesy of Dennis LaPlant
Taken at the Orphanage in San Francisco, 1971.


all rights reserved



Finnigan & Wood San Francisco, California

After a stint in the jazz world with the Jerry Hahn Brotherhood, Mike Finnigan joined up with Jerry Wood and formed a kick-ass band that stormed the West Coast and the Midwest between 1970 and 1975.

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Track Name: Why Am I Treated So Bad
Why, am I treated so bad?
Why, am I treated so bad?
You know I'm all alone as I sing this song,
Hear my call, I've done nobody wrong
But I'm treated so bad

I'm gonna walk out in the master lane
Things I do, they seem to be in vain
You may be blind, you may be lame,
walk on out in the master lane
Though you treat me so bad

Ooh ooh ooh ooooooh
Ooh ooh ooh oooooooh
oooh ooh ooh oooooh ooh ooh oohhh
you made me blind, you may be lame
walk on out in the master lane
Though you treat me so bad
Track Name: Down In The Flood
Crash on the levee, mama
Water's gonna overflow
Swamps gonna rise
And no boats gonna row

You can train on down
To Williams Point
You can bust your feet
You can rock this joint

But oh mama, you gonna miss your best friend now?
You're gonna have to find yourself another best friend, somehow

Now, don't you try and move me
Mama you're just gonna lose
There's been a crash on the levee
And mama, you've been refused

Well, it's king for king
Queen for queen
It's gonna be the meanest flood
That anybody's ever seen

Oh mama, you gonna miss your best friend now?
You're gonna have to find yourself another best friend, somehow

Well, that high tides risin'
Mama, don't you let me down
Pack up your suitcase
Mama, don't you make a sound

Well, it's sugar for sugar
And it's salt for salt
If you go down in the flood
It's gonna be your own fault

Oh mama, ain't you gonna miss your best friend now?
You're gonna have to find yourself another best friend, somehow

Bob Dylan Music Company

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